The 12 Best Personalized Gifts for Kids this Christmas

My kids are obsessed with anything that has their name on it. This Christmas, I opted to get them the best personalized gifts. I got my kids these awesome personalized books because they both love to read and I want to encourage it whenever I can. I have a distinct feeling they will ask us to read their stories again and again.

As I kid, I remember searching for a personalized mini license plate for my bike. I could never find the right spelling. Stacy, Stacie, Staci. Where is STACEY! But I think we continue to love seeing our name on personalized gifts forever. I mean, even in my 30s there are certain things I’d love to see with my name or initials.

Once I started looking for the best personalized gifts for kids, I realized there are a ton of options out there. My nephew had this pottery barn chair which has been handed down to my son. Despite my plans, I’ve yet to get it embroidered with his name. Lucky for me, there are a lot of other options of personalized gifts that I’m sure my kids will love. I am sharing just 14 of the best personalized gifts for kids (if I chose a female version, there is also a male version on the same site).

If you’re still looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts, you should definitely consider personalized gifts. Kids just love to see their name on things and it’s a great way to help them to learn to spell and write their names!

The 12 Best Personalized Gifts for Kids

1. Chair
2. Night Light
3. Fire Truck
4. Growth Chart
5. Kitty Backpack
6. Just One You Book Set
7. Purse Set
8. Sleeping Bag
9. Wall Art
10. Shopping Cart
11. Art Easel
12. Piggy Bank

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