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Is the Hyde Park Rose Garden the Most Beautiful?

The best thing happened to me on a walk back from Harrods. We decided to stroll through Hyde Park. Before we even entered the park, we saw these guys, which was pretty thrilling in and of itself. Then, as we walked through the park, we literally stumbled upon the Hyde Park rose garden. What good luck!I was blown away by how gorgeous the rose garden was. There were flowers in bloom everywhere and I had no idea roses grew so well in London. We also lucked out because we had almost flawless weather while in London. I think we had drizzle maybe one day.Not only were the flowers simply stunning, I was amazed by how many different varieties and colors of roses I found in the park. I was also mesmerized by all of the different varieties of flowers they had. There was this one kind of flower that almost resembled a tulip and there were fuzzy bumble bees flying all around them.Just happening upon the Hyde Park rose garden was one of my absolute favorite moments on my third trip to London. The roses and other flowers were so breathtaking that I even made a special trip to shoot photographs early in the morning on my last day in London.I felt really lucky not only to find it but to be there just at the right time in the spring to see all of the gorgeous blooms.Have you found a garden that tops London’s Hyde Park rose garden?

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