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Pink Retro Dresses

Stacey’s Look: Banana Republic Dress (similar); Anthropologie Cardigan (similar); Ann Taylor Bracelet (similar); Gap Belt (similar); Prada Clutch (similar); Manolo Blahnik Heels (similar)

Did you watch the Mad Men season finale on Sunday? I did. I loved that show, but not for the obvious reasons—cute actors and a good story line. The biggest reason I loved Mad Men was because of the fashion and home/office decor. I loved looking at the 6o’s and early 70’s styles. Their stylist did such a great job of really capturing that era.

To watch the entire series and see how the fashion evolved, was my favorite part. I loved how the women dressed, ultra feminine and sexy. Their hair was always done nicely and they just always looked pulled together. I especially liked how Joan dressed–always accentuating her tiny waist and showing off her hour-glass shape.

With Mad Men’s retro style in mind, I pulled out a pink a-line dress I own that has a retro feel. It has a seam all the way up the front, very much a 60’s vibe.The best part about a retro dress is that it gives a nod to the past, but has an easy shape and fit that works regardless of the decade you’re in.

If you’re interested in finding a retro dress, look for an a-line, boxy, or shift shape that hits above the knee–or if you’re brave, has a mini length. Fun floral or geometric patterns give off that 60’s/70’s vibe, but I love solid colors too. To get you started I’ve pulled some of my favorite current pieces that give off that retro vibe. Here are 6 pink retro dresses I love and you can find in stores right now.

1. Coach – $1295
2. Dress the Population – $118
3. Marni – $1490
4. CECE by Cynthia Steffe – $99
5. Valentino – $4390
6. French Connection – $298

What do you think of these pink retro dresses?

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