Eye on Etsy Baby Halloween Costumes

Besides a ripped seam or a missing button, I haven’t sewn anything since I was a teenager. Despite my hesitation, I’ve decided to make Rocco’s Halloween costume this year. I turned to Etsy and DIY blogs for inspiration. Per usual, I was impressed with what I found on Etsy. The selection of Etsy Baby Halloween Costumes was better than I imagined.

The downside to homemade items—a few of the costumes I absolutely wanted to share on the blog sold out before I could get the post together (this adorable hamburger costume and a baby chic costume). I still found 10 adorable Etsy Baby Halloween Costumes, perfect for an infant or toddler.

Pea Pod
Ice Cream

P.S. If Rocco’s homemade costume turns out, I’ll share it with you, if not, I may be scrambling to buy one of these costumes from Etsy! Stay tuned.

Are you going the homemade route this year? What is your child going to be this Halloween?

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